I Am Spartacus Multimedia is a one-woman design studio specializing in artisanal web sites for individuals and small business. Other than web design, my background includes experience in programming, marketing, business, architecture and engineering.

I have been working on multimedia and web design projects since 1996 and formed I Am Spartacus Multimedia in 1999.

A lot of people find their way to this site because of the unusual name.

The Fall of SpartacusThe real Spartacus was a Roman soldier who deserted the army, was caught and sold into slavery, and eventually ended up at a school for Gladiators in 73 B.C. If you've seen the movie "Gladiator", you have some idea of what that was like.

Italy was full of slaves. Even very poor Roman citizens owned slaves. Many of these slaves had been the 'spoils of war', taken from their native lands and torn from their families by the conquering by the Roman army. Occasional slave uprisings did take place, but Rome's iron fist had always managed to keep them down.

But Spartacus was able to do something extraordinary. Along with some of his fellow prisoners, he broke out of the gladiator school, and over the next two years became the leader an army of 120,000 escaped slaves. Their goal was not to destroy their former captors, but to leave Italy, either returning to their homelands, or by making a new life in a land of their own. Spartacus and his followers were never able to achieve the freedom they'd fought and struggled for, however, as Rome was finally able to corner and crush their army out of existence. And yet, two thousand years later, Spartacus remains a figure of courage, leadership and inspiration.

Spartacus DVD cover

In the 1960 movie, "Spartacus" starring Kirk Douglas, there is a scene toward the end of the movie, which takes place after the Romans have finally conquered Spartacus' army. In this scene, a Roman General demands that Spartacus reveal himself from among the surviving ranks. But before he can, one of the former slaves stands and declares, "I'm Spartacus," upon which another man follows suit, and so on until they all claim to be Spartacus. In this way, they are not only taking the fall with their leader, but they are claiming his cause as their cause. There is no leader. They are in this together. They are all Spartacus.
Scene from the Spartacus Ballet

A modern classical ballet about the life of Spartacus, with music written by Aram Ilich Khachaturianp, premiered in the Soviet Union in 1956, during the cold war. In addition to the historical aspects of the Spartacus story, the ballet focuses on the relationship between Spartacus and Phrygia, the slave woman with whom he met and fell in love during his captivity. Phrygia accompanied Spartacus until the brutal end, and The Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia from the Spartacus Ballet is a moving and beautiful piece of music. If you are interested, you can find a version on both Napster and iTunes.


That Thing You Do movie poster
As for me, I first heard the phrase "I Am Spartacus" in a 1996 movie called "That Thing You Do" which was written and directed by Tom Hanks. The story centered on a 1960's teenage one-hit-wonder band which managed to make it briefly to the big time. Apparently motivated by the 1960 Kirk Douglas movie, the main character would, in moments of inspiration, exclaim, "I am Spartacus!"

Me in my old cubicleIt may seem hard to believe now, but back when the internet was still new to most people, and when I was first working in it, concepts like multimedia, or even simply color and sound and movement weren't always taken seriously. The web was a place to put your message in black text on a white background. And it could be so frustrating! What a waste of potential!

During one meeting at the company I was working for at the time, I found myself making an impassioned plea for the use of multimedia in it's presentations and on it's web site. On my way back to my desk after the meeting, satisfied that I'd made a stand for creativity, I announced "I am Spartacus!" to my fellow cubicle dwellers, and a name for my own company was born.

So, to me, "I am Spartacus" has come to mean that moment of making a stand, or going up against the conventional way of doing things, or of just being a little guy trying to do something in a big way.

Oh yeah, and those two kids on the home page and at the bottom of all the pages on my site - those are my kids having a little "I Am Spartacus" moment of their own.

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