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  • Perfect for the creative professional, consultant or small business.
  • Memorable, attention-getting and beautiful.
  • Affordable.
  • With a completely unique custom design, your site will be a better reflection of you, your business, product or organization. You can have as much or as little input as you choose. Typical cookie-cutter design templates are never used. Despite this high level of personalization, I Am Spartacus web sites are remarkably affordable.


    P O R T F O L I O

    Click to visit the Stiles and Hart website The Stiles and Hart Brick Company
    The only brick manufacturer in Massachusetts, you can find their product at Harvard and Yale, as well as Fenway Park and Faneuil Hall. Their paving brick covers Boston City Hall Plaza and Harvard Square. The site was designed around a monochromatic theme, much like brick itself. Classic lines and text reflect the authentic colonical beauty and classic style of Stiles and Hart brick.
    Click to visit Jacobs Communications Jacobs Communications
    A talented consultant presented a challenging task - combine his three completely different businesses, Corporate Communications, Event Photography and Justice of the Peace under one banner.
    Click to visit the Sea Devils web site Sea Devils Swimming
    A bold site representing a championship swim team with an impressive history. The design involved creating a new logo, and combined the team colors, black white and red, with a custom swimming animation, wavy title graphics and subtle photo graphics to capture the energy and excitement of the sport of swimming.
    Click to visit the EUA Alumni web site EUA Alumni Organization
    A cyber-reunion for the former employees of a company that managed to stay in business for close to one hundred years. In addition to the custom and overall design, I Am Spartacus also developed all of this site's content.
    Click to visit Hardy Catering Hardy Catering
    A family-owned catering company with a distinctive style (and delicious food). Their website includes custom graphics, animation, and extensive menus.

    A R C H I V A L     S I T E S     
    (sites no longer active)

    Click to visit the former One Woman's Eye web site One Woman's Eye
    A former Massachusetts art gallery. The art currently on display on this site are merely samples, and not the pieces originally sold in the gallery. When the site was first created, the goal was to create a unique and sophisticated atmosphere for the display of the owner's collection. Since this collection was not overly extensive, thumbnails were not used and each piece was therefore given center stage, instead of becoming simply just another thumbnail.
    Click to visit the former Easton Dance Academy web site Easton Dance Academy
    A bright and playful web site with the message that the lessons of dance have more to do with what the student puts into it than what they out of it. The original site also featured an announcements, community service, photo gallery and instructor biography page.
    Click to visit the former Beauty in the Basket web site Beauty in the Basket
    Colorful gift baskets for every occasion. This site was designed to compliment the end result of the product, an expression of warmth, thoughtfulness and good cheer.